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TRANSFORMATIVE leadership seminar

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eligible for the canadian job grant

to cover 2/3 the cost.

Course Description:

Effective communication skills are critical to individual and team success. This Three-Day Leadership seminar will transform you from being a good leader to a great leader.  You will develop powerful skills to improve your ability to clearly convey information that you can implement into every interaction.  This will enable you to deliver feedback, drive accountability, improve relationships, develop trust, improve productivity and achieve goals and objectives for improved results.

Who would benefit from this course:

This course is for individuals, managers, executives, and anyone whose success depends on their ability to influence and create positive working relationships.

Course Outline:

Day One

  • Personality Dimensions

  • Fundamentals of leadership

  • Difference between a passionate leader and a passionate doer

  • How to stay focused on the vision

  • Recognizing and acknowledging gifts of greatness

Day Two

  • Understand authentic leadership

  • Increased trust

  • How to listen to hear

  • Impact of ineffective communication

  • Recognizing how your own behaviour affects others

  • Different types of communication effectiveness

  • Understand how engagement leads to improved productivity

  • How to solicit and give effective feedback


Day Three

  • Understanding what is accountability

  • How to leverage team diversity

  • Create an action plan on implementing learnings into your organization



  • Contact us to request individual or organizational price quote


We are currently accepting registrations for this seminar in North America. Please click the 'register now' button at the bottom of the page and proceed to fill out the contact form.  Please include your full contact information and reference this seminar that you are interested in: Transformative Leadership.  We will contact you back once we finalize details.


  • Strategy to create a culture of authentic leadership

  • Increased awareness of your own behaviour

  • Understand how to drive accountability 

  • Tools to communicate effectively

  • Develop critical awareness listening skills

  • How to leverage team diversity

  • Develop an action plan on implementing learnings into your organization 

  • Recognize strengths and appreciate differences

  • Express yourself appropriately 

  • Negotiate more effectively

  • Narrow gaps and differences

  • Identify potential problems early

  • Elevate morale and enthusiasm

  • Optimize team performance

  • Support and encourage others

  • Organize efficient teams

  • Yield higher productivity

  • Influence others positively

  • Build mutual respect

Upon completion, participants will receive a course certification for this Three-Day Leadership seminar

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