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Build effective and cohesive teams to unlock a culture of excellence

In order to have a strong, high-performance team, you must have a foundation of trust.  Our approach to team building is to create fun, high-energy, engaging events that will build relationships and unlock leadership potential.  


When individuals socialize and are comfortable with one another they are more collaborative, inclusive, trusting and productive as a team.  There is an old adage that says:


"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation"


Our philosophy is for teams to have so much fun they don’t even realize how much they are learning. 

Volunteer Team Event

Volunteer Team Event

Team Event - Tug-o-war

Team Event - Tug-o-war

Group party

Group party

Through a day of fun, you will:

  • Learn about and experience a different side of your team members.

  • Have a better understanding of your teams’ strengths, interests and learning edges.

  • Create connections with team members you don’t have direct contact with or spend time with on a regular basis.

  • Encourage and challenge each other to journey outside of their comfort levels.

" ...The team was having so much fun, they didn’t realize how much they were learning about each
other to improve a high-performance team with lasting results. That’s an outcome that
companies always want but may not understand how to create.

Business & Relationship Coach 

The Conflict Coach

Your teams will come away with stronger relationships, which will lead to stronger results.  Our programs are customizable and scalable for organizational sizes and budgets from small to large teams.  Our corporate team-building events are always fun,  engaging and will create lasting memories.  Examples of our most engaging activities include: Treasure Hunt Race, Lip Sync Challenge, Food Truck Challenge and Building for Charity.

We believe that follow-up to debrief of the corporate team building activity is a critical component that will convert learnings into tangible results.  That is the difference of how we will Lead the Way.


We create TEAM BUILDING PROGRAMS TO SUPPORT YOUR organizational objectives

Key Objectives: 

•  Create a culture of leadership and learning

•  Results-focused fun

•  Cultivate an environment of trust


•  1-2 hours in duration

•  Simple and straightforward execution

•  Minimal setup requirements

Potential Activities: 

Let us create the perfect team-building experience for your organization, either as an individual stand-alone program or fully integrated as a part of our Leadership Advantage training program.  Regardless of which path you choose, we will work together to develop a program based on your organization's objectives.  We match your goals with the appropriate team-building event and budgetary requirements.  We offer three tiers of programs based on the most common objectives. Choose between our most popular packages and your teams will come away stronger, more engaged and better equipped to produce lasting results.  


•  Minute Leader Challenges

•  Obstacle Course

•  Build it Challenge

•  Culture Calendar

•  Sled Race, Snowball Score, Water Blast

•  Pumpkin Carving

•  Egg Dying

•  Gingerbread House Creation 

•  Sidewalk Chalk Marketing Challenge

•  Job Shadow

•  Family Movie Marathon

•  Goal Wall

•  Degrees of Separation

•  Pictionary or Charades

•  Work Together

•  Corporate Feud Game Show

•  Murder Mystery

Key Objectives: 

•  Culture of leadership and learning

•  Problem solving & results-focused

•  Foster trust

•  Create a culture of mentoring and coaching


•  3-4 hours in duration

Potential Activities: 


•  Charity Cheerleader

•  Ronald McDonald House

•  Habitat for Humanity

•  Raise Money Challenge

•  Tail Gate Time

•  Raft Build Challenge

•  Soap Box Car Build Challenge

•  Mixology

•  Alberta Pipeline

•  Think Tank

Key Objectives: 

•  Reward high performance and results

•  Live values

•  Build a culture of fun, learning and collaboration

•  Problem solve, strategic plan, lead, delegate, innovate, communicate, 

motivate and engage


•  6-8 hours in duration

Potential Activities: 

TEAM BUILDING: summit program

•  Lead the Way Band Battle

•  Lead the Way Rendezvous Race

•  Lead the Way Charity Challenge

•  Lead the Way Extraction Challenge

•  Food Truck Challenge


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