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Leadership development programs require an ongoing partnership focused on alignment, shared vision, transparent communication and results. Creating a culture of intentional leadership that is used in every task, every day.  We create a program designed specifically for your organization to deal with real people and real challenges to create real results. 

Through a collaborative conversation we will:

  • Dive into the vision to clearly understand the goals and values of the organization.

  • Partner with our client to uncover what is going well so it can be celebrated and leveraged even further. 


  • Uncover where the gap(s) are and create relevant, engaging leadership development to address real challenges.​​

Let’s talk about how we can be your partner and enhance leadership effectiveness in growing people and organizations.

Lead the Way Certified Training Programs

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Eligible for the Canadian Job Grant to cover 2/3 the cost

Our Leadership Advantage Series is an organizational specific certified training program that represents the next level of evolution in leadership and organizational development.  Our focus is on developing a strong foundation in leadership principles customized to be applied in all facets of your organization.   We provide you with the tools to have a greater understanding of yourself as a leader and then deep dive into the core elements of essential leadership. 

Course Outline:

Learn a methodical results-based approach on how to elevate leadership in your organization by applying the proper organizational framework, how to execute and promote your vision through aligned culture and effective communication strategies and effective tactics to achieve your goals.   Come away with renewed confidence in your team’s ability to navigate your organization through turbulent business environments or to reach uncharted growth potential.  

Leadership Advantage
Leaderhip Advantage
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Program Outcomes:


Develop a strong foundation of Leadership Principles; gain a better understanding of yourself as a Leader


Increase the efficiency & output of your team's performance


Understand the essential growth levers of your organization & how to exploit them


Improve bottom-line results through strategic planning, effective communication strategies & culture alignment

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"We contracted Lead the Way to run their Leadership Advantage program with the goal of improving our organizational culture and office communication.  Lead the Way walked with us through one of the most difficult moments of humanity - the pandemic. With them, our team had the opportunity to learn through online-based training for the first time. Through them, we learned about the importance of effective communication and how to grow together to be better each and every day.  They gave us tools and strategies not only for the short-term, but a long-term plan to keep moving forward and continuously raise the bar on our culture.  We are a much stronger and more cohesive team since the training program".

Patricia Arango  |  Executive Director  |  CASASC

"I have had the pleasure of partnering with LTW in Leadership Development and Teambuilding over the past five years. They are consummate professionals who are committed to self-development and high-quality leadership."

Maria Berntzen  |  Business Excellence Consultant, Trainer & Coach  | The Craimer Group

"I am so grateful to have had Danielle and her team at Lead the Way help me with my business. This recession started to really take a toll on me financially and emotionally and I knew I needed help from someone from the outside who can pull me out of my routine thinking. What I said to Danielle when I met with her was "I feel like as though my business has crumbled to the ground and I am surround in rubble. I can rebuild with what is here I am just going to make sure I add some concrete and structural steel this time". Danielle has helped me repair my business from the ground level up, brick by brick. A good coach helps you rebuild your company; a great coach helps you rebuild yourself as well. I would not only consider Danielle as a great coach, but an amazing mentor. Due to her guidance and support, I have been able to create structure and complete goals within my company. I look forward to continuing to work with her and her team at Lead the Way."

 Joyce Berkner  |  President  |  Province & State Permitting Inc

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