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The goal of our Leadership Coaching programs is to provide support, guidance, challenge assumptions, and develop an empowered mindset that allows our partners to achieve extraordinary personal and organizational results.  Coaching ultimately drives performance and can benefit all levels of an organization from support staff to Executives and CEO's.  Our four main program are:

Individual Coaching

  • Working with an ICF PCC level coach you will gain clarity, narrow your focus, shift your thinking and accelerate your bottom line.


Team Coaching

  • Using customized organization or team specific business objectives will equip leaders at all levels with the tools to achieve measurable results, including increased engagement, teamwork and productivity which will lead the way to increased revenue.


Leadership Development

  • Your whole team will learn leadership tools including how to take a coach approach to leadership which will empower individual and team strengths, build leaders at all levels, enable and encourage increased collaboration, build stronger culture and increased sustainable results.


Mentor Coaching

  • Mentor Coaching is for both achieving and renewing your ICF credentials. You will work within the ICF competences to achieve your ICF credentials with a focus on your personal and professional development. Working within either a group or individually with your mentor, you will practice your coaching and you will receive written and live feedback to elevate your skills.  For full program details click here:


"Growing a business in this crazy economy is tough. Managing the complex personalities of employees and customers sometimes is impossible. Without the proper skills set and training surviving the word of self-employment is confusing and stressful.

I have been working with Danielle for personal business coaching and the team from Lead The Way for employee training for the past few months. Danielle has helped me gain valuable skills, tools and techniques to manage my business more effectively and increase profits."

Shawn Groulx  |  CEO and Founder |  Express Plumbing & Heating Inc

" Danielle has helped me repair my business from the ground level up, brick by brick. A good coach helps you rebuild your company; a great coach helps you rebuild yourself as well. I would not only consider Danielle as a great coach, but an amazing mentor. Due to her guidance and support, I have been able to create structure and complete goals within my company. I look forward to continuing to work with her and her team at Lead the Way."

Joyce Berkner  |  President  |  Province & State Permitting Inc

Additional outcomes can you achieve by partnering with an International Coach Federation (ICF) Coach:
  • Improved team and individual performance

  • Improved life-work balance

  • Increased self esteem

  • Expand career and business opportunities

  • Improved business management strategies

  • Improved communication

  • Focus on your personal and professional development

  • Gain clarity on your goals and the actions required to get there.

  • Expand your thinking and narrow your focus.

  • Have a sounding board to breakdown new ideas and challenge your thinking

  • Enhance leadership and strategic planning skills

  • Empower better decision-making

  • Improve goal setting for faster achievement of growth and goals

  • Improve working and personal relationships


Lead the Way will support you in building an agile, high performance, results driven team!

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