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Shane Walper 

Shane is passionate about people.  With 25+ years of successful, multifaceted leadership development, his objective is to empower and create forward thinking, bold and competent leaders to ensure strong corporate culture and results.  

Shane is an accomplished speaker on leadership principles and is a certified Personality Dimensions facilitator.  He comes with a proven ability to inspire and motivate passion and excellence, with demonstrated integrity, to leaders at all levels of an organization.  With extensive knowledge in organizational effectiveness and operational excellence where clear results, objectives and expectations are created, delivered and maintained through effective communication, collaboration, teamwork and respect.  

Danielle Worobey 


As a caring and compassionate executive leadership coach and certified Personality Dimensions facilitator,  Danielle’s objective is to be an authentic partner for organizations and leaders to discover and develop their full potential.  Danielle focuses on coaching leaders to expand their thinking and raise accountability to enhance and harness the power of teamwork to set achievable goals, reach goals faster, make better decisions and improve communications, relationships and results.  

Danielle is passionate about supporting people.  Her strengths include, relationship building, professional and organizational development including design and facilitation, conflict and crisis management, communication, individual and team coaching, team building, workshop design and facilitation

Kylene Heykants


Kylene’s desire is to enthusiastically transform leader’s health and wellness goals from ordinary to extraordinary.  This passion for growth and learning inspired Kylene to complete a Bachelor of Physical Education at the University of Alberta coupled with multiple certifications through the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology and AFLCA.

Her unwavering belief is that when you focus on overall health, you will have the mindset to live your best life and achieve your goals.  Kylene uses research, knowledge and innovation with a focus on personal and organizational results to design effective tools that empower and motivate leaders to make informed choices and obtain improved, lasting preventative health and wellness lifestyles. 

Merlyn Ness


Merlyn has enjoyed a business career with 30+ years of business leadership experience, working in a
variety of leadership roles and in a diverse range of industries.  He has a record of achieving results and has helped many companies develop their organizations.  He has taught at the Donald School of
Business at Red Deer College, teaching marketing, entrepreneurship and strategic management.


Along with helping to develop leaders, his passion is culture, brand and strategy. Merlyn has worked with entrepreneurs and business leaders at all stages of company development. He graduated from the University of Alberta with a B.P.E. and earned in MBA in 2006 from Nova Southeastern University.


Email: Info@ltwd.ca

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