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Office Leadership Training - Series I


Course Description:

This organizational specific 28 -hour certificate program will be offered over a combination of in-class and online training and represents a comprehensive office leadership program, organizations can use to enhance participants' leadership abilities, improve their decision-making and problem-solving skills, foster inclusivity and cultural intelligence, develop conflict management techniques, build resilience and stress management capabilities, and promote strategic thinking and action planning for ongoing leadership development

Who would benefit from this course:

This course is for entry-level, mid-management and anyone whose performance directly impacts the success of the office

Course Outline:


Session 1:Understanding Leadership Styles

  • Overview of the program goals and objectives

  • Exploring different leadership styles and their impact

  • Assessing personal leadership style

  • Identifying strengths and areas for development

Session 2: Time Management and Productivity

  • Effective time management techniques

  • Prioritizing tasks and setting goals

  • Overcoming procrastination

  • Maximizing productivity

Session 3: Decision-Making and Problem-Solving

  • Analyzing problems and generating creative solutions

  • Evaluating risks and making informed decisions

  • Implementing effective problem-solving processes

  • Building credibility and influencing others


Session 4: Cultural Intelligence and Inclusive Leadership

  • Embracing diversity and fostering inclusive work environments

  • Developing cultural intelligence and sensitivity

  • Leading diverse teams and promoting equity and inclusion

  • Building and maintaining professional relationships


Session 5: Conflict Management 

  • Understanding different conflict resolution styles

  • Facilitating constructive dialogue

  • Resolving conflicts and promoting positive workplace relationships


Session 6: Resilience and Stress Management

  • Understanding the impact of stress on leadership effectiveness

  • Building resilience and managing work-related stress

  • Implementing self-care strategies for personal well-being


Session 7: Action Planning 

  • Developing strategic thinking skills

  • Developing an action plan for ongoing leadership development

  • Reflecting on personal growth and setting future goals



  • $5000+tax/person.  (contact for volume discounts)


We are currently accepting organizational development partners. Please contact us or click the 'register now' button at the bottom of the page and proceed to fill out the contact form.  Please include your full contact information, we will contact you to book our free initial consultation meeting. 

Upon completion, participants will receive a course completion certificate in Office Leadership Training, Series I.

*Course content and/or delivery schedule subject to change

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