For many organizations, it has been difficult to have any form of meaningful Team Building due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Lead the Way is pleased to offer virtual team events that are safe, exciting and engaging to ensure that your employees don't miss out on important culture and team building opportunities together!


We will work with you to build a celebration that works best for your team. Give us the parameters and let us handle all the details.  Our most popular options include:  

Lead the Way Presents: The Amazing E-Race

Send your teams out on a wild goose chase across town. They’ll stay within your family cohort and will need to find clues and solve puzzles to reach their final destination. Who will be the first team to win the challenge? 

Contact us for full details and how we can create a fun night of socialization and banter!

Lead the Way Presents: Gingerbread House Contest

This is a family friendly event that will get everyone in the holiday spirit.  We will supply all the necessary material. Contact us for full details and let us create a night of Christmas festivities.

Lead the Way Presents: Murder Mystery Party

For the first time, experience a real live murder virtually!  Have your teams interact with each other in character, fully unscripted to figure out which member of your company is the secret murderer!  No planning involved, let us handle all the details and get your teams prepped into character.


Contact us for full details and how we can set it up an evening filled with fun, suspense and intrigue!

Lead the Way Presents: Team Trivia

Challenge you teams and find out who is the brainiest of them all.  You’ll get a hosted experience with our live quizmaster with a set of balanced questions written by our content development team. The scores will be seen live and the winning team will receive a Lead the Way prize back.  Don’t forget to bring your holiday beverages!


Contact us for full details and how we can create a fun night of socialization and banter!

Email: Info@ltwd.ca

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