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personality dimensions seminar

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Course Description:

This high energy, engaging seminar explores how communication impacts day-to-day interactions and bottom line results. This half day seminar will facilitate learning to help you gain a better understanding of your work style, how you interact with various 'colour' or personality types and to how be more present, establish trust and improve relationships. You will come away with your own designed action and implementation plan.

Who would benefit from this course:

This program is designed for employees of all levels from office intern, administrative staff, all the way to the executive level.


Course Outline:

There will be a combination of individual and group work within the seminar to maximize learning.  In this program we  will cover:

  • Recognizing temperament preferences and patterns

  • Appreciating and understanding your own natural tendencies

  • Identifying and gaining a clear understanding of the value and strength of each preferred communication type

  • How to utilize the colour theory in work and in everyday aspects of your life to build trust and facilitate strong communication with one another


  • $350/person + tax


We are currently accepting registrations for this seminar in North America. Please click the 'register now' button at the bottom of the page and proceed to fill out the contact form.  Please include your full contact information and reference this seminar that you are interested in: Personality Dimensions.  We will contact you back once we finalize details.


  • Create awareness to recognize strengths and appreciate differences

  • Learn an effective tool for improving communication

  • Optimize team performance, productivity and results

  • Elevate morale and encourage expressions of feelings, values and beliefs


  • Support and encourage others in ways that champion new behaviors and actions

  • Influence and support others to take action and achieve their goals

  • Establish trust by demonstrating respect for others perceptions and contributions

  • Develop an action plan on implementing learnings into your organization

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