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Welcoming Alan Phung to Lead the Way as a Marketing and Communications Strategist

A strong core starts with a solid foundation! Developing the right strategic framework and having the necessary tools in place is a crucial step that can make any organization sink or swim. To achieve your goals, make sure that that your marketing strategy is bulletproof.

We are pleased to formally introduce Alan Phung to the Lead the Way team. While Alan has been with Lead the Way since inception as a consultant, he has recently been more actively involved with client projects and we are thrilled to have him come aboard officially as a subject matter expert in marketing. Alan has worked extensively in marketing and sales within the consumer health care industry. He has managed both global and locally recognized brands in Canada and has led the launch of multiple new products and product innovations. He brings a comprehensive and well-rounded background in marketing strategy, communications, digital media, sales, business planning, logistics and project management.

Alan is passionate about marketing, strategy, new technologies and understanding the WHY behind your business. His desire to help organizations thrive through understanding marketing insights match with Lead the Ways core values of P.A.CT – Passion, Authenticity, Communications and Teamwork. Alan is our technical guru and is always willing to jump in and provide assistance in any way that he can. Welcome to the family Alan!

To connect with Alan, he can be reached at


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