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Leadership advantage - series II

Eligible for the canadian job grant to cover 2/3 the cost

Course Description:

This 21 hour organizational specific certificate program will be offered over either 3 full days or 6 half days and builds upon our Leadership Advantage - Series I program.  Customized to your unique business to add purpose and clarity to your organizational goals and objectives.  

Who would benefit from this course:

This course is for individuals, managers, executives, and anyone whose success depends on their ability to influence and create positive working relationships and results.

Course Outline:*


Day One – 5 hours

  • Effective feedback for positive results


  • Learn to receive, give and ask for feedback

  • To use humor and fun to shift perspective in how individual communicates.

  • To show there are many ways to work together and they must choose in the moment what is most effective.

  • To show that effective communication during chaos is vital

  • To communicate effectively and use language that will have the greatest impact.

  • Learn the importance of clearly articulating in sharing and providing feedback.

  • Learn to ask powerful questions that reflect active listening and an understanding of the client’s perspective.

Day Two – 5 hours

  • Increased trust

  • Engagement for supercharged results


  • To see that trust is built and lost by actions.

  • To understand that trust may mean something different to each of us and it’s important to define and agree to what it means to your organization.

  • To show how being vulnerable and courageous as a leader can build trust.

  • To understand that engagement requires ongoing commitment from a leader.

  • To create awareness to the need for an ongoing engagement strategy.

  • To explore how perceptions, concerns and beliefs impact productivity

Day Three – 5 hours

  • Marketing and aligning your business to the right targets


  • Understand the components of marketing

  • Learn how to improve brand identity

  • Understand and define your value proposition

  • Create a brand strategy

  • How to drive your brand management strategy

Day Four – 5 hours

  • Teamwork – Team building


  • Build high performance, effective teams

  • Provide experiences that empower individuals to contribute to common goals.

  • Improve productivity, motivation, morale and leadership skills

  • Break down political and personal barriers, eliminate distractions, and have fun while getting to know one another

  • Learn to clearly define objectives and goals

  • Identify a team’s strengths and weaknesses

  • Improve the ability to problem solve

  • Uncover hidden potential

Day Five – 5 hours

  • Bringing it all together

    • Strategic plan

    • Foundation of strategic planning

    • Why strategic planning matters

    • How to align goals and objectives to the strategic plan


  • Understand your strategic plan

  • Align goals and objectives to the strategic plan

  • Improved organizational effectiveness

  • Improved communication

  • Improved results


  • Regular price of $4950.00/person  

  • Volume discounts available, contact for details


We are currently accepting organizational development partners.  Please contact us or click the 'register now' button at the bottom of the page and proceed to fill out the contact form.  Please include your full contact information, we will contact you to book our free initial consultation meeting.

Upon completion, participants will receive a course completion certification in Leadership Advantage – Series II.

*course content and/or delivery schedule subject to change.

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