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Recognize your strengths and appreciate the differences through Personality Dimensions

Personality Dimensions is a model for exploring four temperament patterns. The concept of temperament itself has a long history, going back in a variety of forms some 2500 years. Personality Dimensions is a program to help you understand yourself and others better so you can be more successful in every aspect of your life.

To help you understand a little better how you can utilize the tool in real life, I will use Shane and I as an example. My preferred color is Gold. I like to have everything on lists, checked off a week in advance of an event so that I can check it again and again to ensure everything is organized. Shane prefers to operate in Orange and is great with the details when he is ready to review, sometimes at the last minute. So, we can be very frustrating for one another, me pressuring him to review things weeks in advance, when I want it reviewed and him wanting to wait until the day before or until he is ready to review. We have learned from Personality Dimensions how to communicate with one another and to understand how to be patient with how the other prefers to communicate. I can do my part and give him a heads up and say, “hey could you check your calendar and see if we could review the list for the event either tomorrow at 2:00pm or Wednesday at 3:00pm?" I am giving him a choice of when to review and he is committing to a time knowing I need the confirmation of a meeting. I can’t emphasize enough how valuable this tool has been to our successful partnership.

As facilitators, we love to see participants become excited when they understand why the people in their life do the things they do. PD provides them a tool and the confidence to communicate in a more positive way. People are born with their core personality and their preferred communication style but as we say in PD, we are all Plaid!

Sign up for one of our Personality Dimensions Seminars and learn to Lead the Way in communication. Calgary folks, January 30th we would love to see you! Click here

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