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Why travel fosters leadership

Travelling to other countries gives you a new perspective of how diverse the world is and how quickly you must adapt to change. You are forced to face your fears and embrace being outside of your comfort zone. Weather it is dealing with communication barriers, different cultures, traffic, eating different often unrecognizable food or getting lost, there are immeasurable amounts of wonderful uncomfortableness. You are constantly having to reorient yourself to different situations and unfamiliar territory. But then… as you succeed outside of your comfort zone again and again, you become more and more confident in your ability and look forward to handling anything that comes your way. As you reflect on your journey, the times and things you did when you were most scared often leave you with the most incredible memories that you fondly recall and share with people. You also realize as you plan your next adventure, that you are no longer scared of the same things, you have grown and learned tactics to handle many of the things that used to frighten you and you embrace the opportunity to push yourself further. (bring on Kilimanjaro)

As a leader, these experiences leave you with a more open perspective so you can adapt to change quickly, efficiently and with purpose. You have more diversity of thought; you bring a newfound creativity to challenges and are able to effectively embrace and succeed in an ever-changing world! Apply to join us for our Living Leadership Executive discovery retreats in Banff, Alberta or Florence Italy and let’s supercharge our performance and results!

Here is a photo from my uncomfortable moment, canyoning in La Ciotat, Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur

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