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Why every company should make team building a priority!

The main goal of any team building event is to eliminate distractions and promote a fun engaging atmosphere for increased team spirit, morale, collaboration and creativity. Team building improves communication, motivation, productivity and unity among team members.

When teams take the time to actively engage in an activity that is outside the norm of everyday, they are afforded a valuable opportunity to see each other from a new/different perspective. They will discover things about one another that will increase the understanding of the strengths’ individuals bring to the team and they will be more comfortable approaching one another for support.

Want to create a high-performance team? Then team building is key. Take a look at any high-performance team and you will find a group of people that trust one another. They are completely aligned on objectives and fully confident in the abilities of one another to execute accordingly and they are not afraid of healthy and respectful conflict. When teams genuinely care about one another and embrace a culture of continual learning and growth, they will go above any beyond for the success of the team and everyone wins, especially the organizational results!!!

For the purposes of this blog, lets look at the All Blacks Rugby Team. (because who doesn’t love the All Black’s)! The All web site states: “The All Blacks are the most successful international men’s rugby side of all-time with a winning percentage of 77.21% over 566 Tests (1903-2017)”. One of the ways they stay a high-performance team who have a stellar track record is through team building.

Here is a video of the All Blacks, getting out and having some fun together!

As you can see, team building does not need to be overly complicated and can be easy to execute. It's a matter of finding the right facilitator who understands and is aligned with your companies objectives. Once you have that, treat team building as your new secret weapon in developing high performance teams.


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