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What it means to Lead with Servants’ heart

When we think about being Leaders in our own lives and living our passion, we often think about serving others, lifting them up and leading by example. I recently had a conversation with Marli Knorr, who is the Personal Training Manager at Motion Fitness Red Deer, that was an amazing example of finding and living her passion, while also truly leading by example. I was struck by the notion that when we go to the gym and see people who work/live there, we assume that they have always been in shape and that they have always been confident and focused on their health, wellness and nutrition.

What I learned was that Marli has lost 130lbs (WOW)!!!! When asked “HOW” she achieved such a monumental goal? She said, "I have four children and to be a healthy Mom and the best role model for them, I needed to put myself first. I focused on making small changes one day at a time. Nutritionally, I made healthy choices and I started exercising. As I began to feel better and see changes to my body, it increased my motivation and my self confidence which allowed me to set bigger goals and reach them. I achieved such positive mental, physical and emotional impact personally, that I became inspired to want to help support others who wanted to make lasting changes to their health and wellness. So, I pursued a career in personal training. I am now truly living my best life, for my children, myself and my clients."

When you are passionate about what you do, it infuses your life with meaning that is so rewarding! Well done Marli!! What a great example of finding your passion and being a living leader!


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