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Welcoming Merlyn Ness to Lead the Way as a Training Facilitator!

Making Transformational change in any organization takes many steps, having the right values, culture, teams and systems in place are critical. Another crucial success tool is a sound understanding of marketing!

We are thrilled to take this opportunity to Introduce Merlyn, he is a marketing guru and joins Lead the Way with over 30 years of experience in a variety of industries including health care, oil and gas, post-secondary education, entrepreneurship and consulting. Merlyn has led teams from 5 to 1000+ employees, with profit and loss responsibility ranging from $2MM to $45MM. He is a proven leader, consistently achieving growth objectives in terms of brand presence and revenue.

Merlyn is passionate about culture, strategy, brand and leadership development. His philosophy, expertise and overall approach match well with Lead the Ways core values of P.A.C.T - Passion, Authenticity, Communication and Teamwork. He brings a diverse skill set and is a welcome addition to the team!

To connect with Meryln, he can be reached at


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