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Top 5 Signs Your Organization Needs To Hire A Business Coach

Every business needs a tune-up from time to time. Sometimes it may need an entire rebuild. How do you know if your organization needs some serious intervention? Here are our top 5 telltale signs.

1. Poor Business Performance / Stuck

All businesses from time to time have a bad quarter. But if your business is consistently not meeting its sales targets it is a cause for concern. If things feel stagnant and there is no positive change in the right direction, there are deeper core issues within the organization that needs addressing.

2. People Are Constantly Leaving - Especially Top Talent

Working in a company with high turnover can be difficult. A lot of internal energy and time is spent on retraining the new recruits and can feel like starting from scratch. On top of that, if it is difficult to attract new talent, or the best ones always jump ship then that may be a sign that something is not right within the organization.

3. Low Morale and Hostile Work Environment

Work environments that are hostile can feel very demoralizing. Often in these situations, there is a lack of trust and security and employees won’t feel comfortable speaking up to bring new ideas to the table. Most likely, they will try to stay status quo to not rock the boat, which results in business stagnation.

4. Lack of Training and Development

Investing in your people is one of the best strategies a business can have to give you a competitive edge in the marketplace. Having a solid annual review process that is tied in training and development goals is ideal in most situations to hold the people and their organizations accountable.

5. No Clear Direction From Senior Management

The expectation from the senior level is that they provide a clear vision and direction for the company, that should permeate across all the layers of the organization. It should be very clear and apparent what your organization is trying to achieve. In addition, If the objectives and goals are constantly changing within a short timeframe, and there is no clear reason why they are happening that that is a good sign the senior management is not clear in the focus.

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