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The origins of Lead the Way

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

I have had many people inquire as to where the name and idea for “Lead the Way” came from. Attached is a photo from the Camino de Santiago, also know as “The Way”. When I first walked this route two years ago, I spent a great deal of time reflecting on what I wanted? I knew that I wanted to positively influence and support people and questioned, what was the best way to achieve greatness in this? I love to coach people and organizations to understand themselves and how to communicate with each other. To really reach deep into themselves to “see” what they truly want, why that is important to them and what steps they need to take to achieve the desired results.

The yellow arrow in the photo is literally a life line on The Way to finding the path and was the inspiration for the logo for Lead the Way. They say the Camino is life changing and for me this statement couldn’t be more accurate. This 800km journey with my best friend, the places, history and the people I had the pleasure of meeting had such a profound affect on me and supported me in finding MY way and I will always be grateful.

Life has a way of pushing you when you need it most. In April of this year, I got the push I needed in the form of becoming unexpectedly unemployed and I knew immediately that it was time to take the leap with Lead the Way.

I’ve never met anyone who can inspire, influence and connect with people as profoundly as Shane Walper, and upon sharing the concept of Lead the Way with him, we excitedly set to work on creating the vision, mission and values that are the foundation for Lead the Way.

The support we have received has been amazing. You have inspired us and we cannot wait to work with all of you in the coming months to achieve your leadership goals.

Camino de Santiago, also know as “The Way”


The Lead the Way Team!

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