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Lead the Way - Looking back at 2021

As we say goodbye to 2021, I take some time to reflect on the year gone by. It’s not until you look back that you really see how much happened.

Covid still plays havoc on the world, our businesses and our personal lives and, as it continues to challenge us with its longevity we work together as a team to stay positive. Instead of looking at all the things we can’t do, we dig deep to focus on the things we can do for each other and for our clients.

This year, we had the best time creating new team-building events specific to our clients, with a focus on community engagement. Ang and I ran the events ourselves countless times to ensure we had ALL the details worked out. We laughed, we stressed, we brainstormed, we took steps back to evaluate and, in the end, we executed all the events successfully. We improved our Leadership Advantage program for our clients and launched a mentor coaching program to support other coaches in their learning and development. Kylene and I both furthered our education, taking university courses to make us better.

Our Lead the Way Team had some incredible, exciting and life-changing personal milestones to celebrate. Kylene and Adam became parents to beautiful Adeline, Angela became a grandmother to sweet Bowie, Merlyn moved cities and had the great honour of marrying his beautiful daughter, Courtney. Christy and Mike finally got to take their long-awaited honeymoon to Greece, Alans' daughter started pre-school and he got back to teaching martial arts and I had the privilege of marrying my beautiful goddaughter Kaitlyn to Chase and my son, Taylor and my other god daughter, Meaghan got engaged to the loves of their lives, Taryn and Steven! These are the beautiful moments that we live for!!!

As we look forward to 2022, we are going to focus on connectedness. We are planning an event to bring us together as a community. We will be looking for businesses and organizations to participate in support of some not-for-profit groups, while they connect with their individual teams and have some FUN! ROCKIN RED DEER will be happening on May 14th at the Bower Ponds amphitheatre and we will be releasing information in the coming weeks.

We wish you ALL an amazing 2022! Can’t wait to see what adventures it will bring!

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