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An Exciting Year Ahead For Lead The Way

Wow, we can hardly believe 2022 has come to an end! It has been an incredible year for the Lead the Way Team. We have been blessed to work with so many wonderful people and organizations. We added a new Team member, Brenda, who is pursuing her ICF accreditation to our family who has brought a wealth of value to us, as an organization. We have focused on building the strengths of our team by supporting their individual professional development endeavors; I took on the challenge of going back to university to obtain my masters degree and we had a two-day off-site strategy session with our entire team.

Personally, we were all incredibly lucky to have health and happiness in our families, I added a beautiful daughter-in-law, Taryn to my family, Christy and Mike are busy crossing off bucket list trips, Angela and Jeremy have blended their families into one household, Alan and Jill are busy with their two littles various activities, Merlyn has been doing some travelling and spending time with his loved ones, Brenda and George moved within Red Deer and have been enjoying their lake lot and Kylene and Adam will add a new bundle of joy to their family in early January.

We are excited that 2023 marks our 5-year anniversary and we look forward to celebrating our achievement. Our focus for 2023 will be to finalize and execute on our 2-year strategic plan and we will continue on our own personal growth journeys so that we can continue to support our clients’ goals!

We wish you all the clarity, focus and drive to achieve your professional and personal goals!

Cheers to making 2023 the best year yet!!


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