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My Approach to Coaching

When asked what my coaching style is, my slogan is “authentically supporting, intentional growth”. As a coach, I will meet you where you are at to create self-awareness and support your growth. Coaching empowers you to see yourself, your situation and your business clearly so you can maximize your potential to attain YOUR goals without fear of judgement.

As an ICF professional certified coach, I follow the competencies laid out by the International Coaching Federation which are broken into 4 domains:

1) Setting the foundation,

2) Co-creating the relationship,

3) Communicating effectively,

4) Facilitating Learning and Results.

Within these 4 domains, there are 11 competencies that we use in coaching conversations.

In facilitating learning and results, we manage progress and accountability. I personally believe that action leads to results. This requires the client to become clear on their goals, the behaviours that they need to change and the actions they need to take to achieve their goals. This means it is essential to have trust between, the client and myself, beginning with “how would you like me to hold you accountable if you don’t follow through with commitments”? When I am aware of how much I can “push” the client,I will ask questions like “how do you need to show up in this situation to get a different result?”, or “what behaviour do you need to change to achieve that?”. Without trust, sometimes tough questions can be seen as challenging; but when you have trust with your clients, the challenging questions unlock or remove the client’s barrier to success.

This is just one of the coaching competencies that helps me support my clients. For all the coaches out there, what is an example of your coaching style?

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