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How to Become a Better Leader in 2021: Learn to Delegate Efficiently.


If you’re a high performer, you may think It is best and probably easier if you just complete the task yourself. That way, you know it will be done right. Besides, it’s quicker just to get it done now yourself than having to explain what you want to be done. Right?

Don’t do it.

By doing the work on your own, it robs your direct reports the opportunity for growth, to develop as leaders and add value to the organization. By handing down the task, it shows them your level of trust in them and gives them an opportunity to show their ability to create their own solutions and add value to their overall company goals.

In order to delegate more effectively, first you need to understand your people. Ensure that the task you want to be delegated is suitable for the person you are giving the job to. Ensure that they have a suitable level of technical knowledge to complete the job.

Ensure that they have the tools necessary. One of the worst things you do, is giving someone a task where they have no chance of accomplishing. Provide the tools and adequate support they need to get the task done to your expectations.

Share with them your goals and the purpose of the task. They may have a good understanding of what needs to be done, but they may not see the big picture of how it fits in with the overall company goals. Share with them that by completing this task; it will help in contributing to so and so of reaching the companies goals. This will motivate them and create a buy into the task completion.

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