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Leadership advantage - series I

Eligible for the CANADIAN job grant to cover 2/3 the cost

Course Description:

This 21 hour organizational specific certificate program will be offered over either 3 full days or 6 half days and represents the next level of evolution in leadership and organizational development.  Providing an easily understood methodology for building self-awareness, self-esteem, effective communication and results-based strategies.

Who would benefit from this course:

This course is for individuals, managers, executives, and anyone whose success depends on their ability to lead.


Course Outline:*


Day One – 5 hours

  • Personality Dimensions


  • Understanding yourself and others so you can be more effective in your relationships, your work ... your life.

  • For each participant to see a clear perspective on their preferred communication style.

  • To show participants how their preferred communication style shows up in every area of their life.

  • To gain a new perspective of what each colour prefers and why and to effectively use humor to create a light positive energy to promote learning. 

  • Participants will learn tools to be more present with one another and to communicate effectively.

  • For participants to be aware of others perceptions, preferred communication style and how they can listen, respond and ask questions in a way that builds trust and facilitates learning and communication.

  • To understand the emotions related to preferred communication styles and how to respond to them.

Day Two – 5 hours

  • Vision, Mission, Values


  • Defining and clarifying the intent and strategic direction of your organization.

  • Explain why your organization exists and what it hopes to achieve in the future. It articulates the organization’s essential nature, its values and its work.

  • Create a one-sentence statement describing the clear and inspirational long-term desired change resulting from a business’s core focus.

  • Create values that support the vision, shape the culture and reflect the essence of the company’s identity – the principles, beliefs or philosophy of values.

Day Three – 5 hours

  • Cornerstone of Leadership

  • Culture of Leadership


  • For individuals to determine and understand the fundamentals of leadership and define both leadership and authentic leadership.

  • To clearly show the difference between managers and leaders and how every leader can be a manager but not every manager can be a leader.

  • To gain a clear understanding of their own behaviors’ and actions.

  • Create an awareness opportunity for a shift in perspective on their own actions.

Day Four – 5 hours

  • Leadership types and styles

  • Personal Leadership Values



  • To understand leadership types and styles and how this affects organizational results

  • Co-create and champion ongoing support for new behaviors and actions, including those involving risk-taking and fear of failure.

  • Helps individuals discover for themselves what is most important to them as a leader.

  • Identifies major strengths vs. major areas for learning and growth, and what is most important to address to achieve their vision.

Day Five – 5 hours

  • Essential communication

  • Case Study – ineffective communication

  • Bringing it all together


  • To understand the different communication types.  Learn to evaluate the entire picture, not focus in on one element of communication.

  • Understand how they show up in the 4 types, to be more aware of their body language, tone, writing skills, and that what they see isn’t always what it is.

  • To show that in every interaction” someone” must show up as the leader.

  • Align learning to organizational objectives and goals.


  • Regular price of $4950.00/person  

  • Volume discounts available, contact for details


We are currently accepting organizational development partners. Please contact us or click the 'register now' button at the bottom of the page and proceed to fill out the contact form.  Please include your full contact information, we will contact you to book our free initial consultation meeting.

Upon completion, participants will receive a course completion certificate in Leadership Advantage, Series I.


*course content and/or delivery schedule subject to change.

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